Synthetic Iron Oxide Yellow

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Shade Variants

a) Painting & Flooring grade

  • Available in 25 Kg HDPE bags & attractive Pouches of weight 1 Kg, 500 gm , 250 gm and 100 gm (Also attach images of our product)

b) Tobacco grade

  • Available in 25 Kg HDPE bag
Product Specification
Fe2 O3 Content: 
Tinting Strength Vs Standard: 
Volatile Matter at 105 deg C: 
Water Soluble slats content: 
Loss on ignition: 
Residue through 320 mesh sieve: 
Oil Absorption: 
Bulk Density: 
0 May 30, 2011


FORES Synthetic Iron oxide pigments are non-toxic, light and alkali fast in nature that can produce attractive shades. We bring more colours to life in the following ways.....

  • 1. Mosaic and Tiles manufacturing

    The pigments bring a range of attractive colours for mosaic and floor tiles. They are used during tiles production, as fillers during tiles / mosaic flooring construction and for painting exterior tiles.

  • 2. The historic Athangudi tiles available in Tamil Nadu are manufactured with FORES Red oxide pigments.
  • 3. Flooring colorant with Cement

    Our Red Oxide brands are highly voluminous in nature and hence produce a highly persistent and pleasing colour. The Red Oxide along with cement is increasingly used as traditional and economic flooring in most of the Indian houses.

  • 4. Exterior wall painting

    Our high grade yellow oxide is best suitable for exterior wall painting that can withstand any type of climatic change and lasts for a longer life time.

  • 5. For enhanced roofing & flooring tiles, paver blocks that decorate the luxury houses.
  • 6. To colorize paints, varnishes, plastics, paper, fertilizers, and much more.
  • 7. In stadiums, playground, bus lanes, paving’s, roofing’s and buildings