FORES Synthetic Iron oxide Pigments (Yellow & Red) are distinguished by their lightfastness, weather-stable properties and the tight tolerances with respect to shade and tinting strength. This makes color reproduction when formulating paints and coatings faster, easier and more reliable

The high tinting strength of our product lines impart attractive color to painting & construction materials such as pre-cast concrete components and concrete flooring & roofing tiles and pavers. Our high-performance product line comprises micronized red, yellow pigments.


At Fores, we follow a systematic quality analysis and control during each stage of the production process at all our plants. This helps us deliver products with superior quality and meet varying customer needs.

Our R&D and quality control is under direct supervision of our directors who are experienced and profession Chemical engineers.

Fores and its group of companies have constantly exceeded the customer expectation in quality and service delivery.